Thursday, September 6, 2012

Moon Vine

My last post on this blog was on the Moon Flower. 
I learned of this flower many years ago, and have raised it extensively,every since.It drops seeds readily, and comes up everywhere, if not kept in check. In most cases, I let them grow. They have such beautiful and fragrant blooms,which open around 8 or 9 o'clock in the late afternoon. That in itself, is a novelty, and a fascinating sight to behold.It amazes all who happen to see it open,right before their eyes.

 This post today is about the Moon Vine.Several years ago, I stumbled across a  young lady with a set-up at the local flea market,who sells all sorts of interesting flowers and herbs and various other plants. She had a plant called the Moon Vine that caught my eye.I had already learned of the Moon Flower and this flower peaked my curiosity. I paid $5 for the plant, which is rare for me to do, but like I said. I was curious.I took the plant home, set it out in one of my flower beds and waited impatiently for it to bloom. Soon the flower,   slipped my mind, and we went to Louisiana for our Fall Break from school. To my dismay,when we returned home, the flower had bloomed while we were gone. I never got to see the blooms.Here it is many years later, and I have found the seeds at a local Amish Greenhouse, so I gave them another try.Unfortunately, I planted them in tubs, and with the drought, it was rough keeping them alive. They did survive and finally bloom,after me keeping a watchful eye on them for months.I was about to give up on them as another loss, when I noticed them, beginning to bloom. Not near as abundantly as I had hoped, but they are blooming.

They are nowhere near as spectacular as their cousin, the Moon Flower, but a novelty, just the same.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Moon Flower July 2012

I am more and more convinced that the Moon Flower that I have come to love this last few years, is,indeed, closer to being a WEED than not. It looks like the Gymsum weed and it's seed pods are identical so it has to be close kin.The horrible drought we are having this year,has had no effect on it.It is thriving as is the Bermuda grass. I guess if we lived in the desert, those two would definitely be the plants to grow.

While researching the Moon Flower, I found there are a few different ones. I'm not real sure which one I have, but it does open at night. It begins to open each evening around 7 pm, but is not fully open until much later. I took pictures at regular intervals, and at 9 pm, it still was not as fully open as it was this morning at daybreak. Which ever type I do have, I love it. I am willing to share seeds if anyone is interested. They are plentiful. I try to keep some of the seed pods cut off,helping it to bloom longer, but there are always lots of seed pods that have been overlooked come the end of the season. With all of the plants that come up each year on their own,it would be impossible to clip all of the seed pods.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hens and Chicks

     It seems I write about hens and chicks a lot on my original blog, but these are the plant type.Their botanical name is Sempervivum tectorum.Most years I have great luck with them. They don't require much attention, but this year, with this horrible drought we're having, they have not done so well. I hope this El Nino, if that's what it is, is over soon.I had all of the heat I can take.Pop was upset today because I mowed the few weeds that continue to grow throughout the drought, and stopped up the breather or something of the sort, on our zero turn mower. I haven't mowed for several weeks, which is unheard of for me,but we got a small shower here lately, and I thought I'd just hit the high spots.I got carried away and mowed the entire yard in an hour and a half. I was moving on, and the dust was a flying,but I got it done.I had to come inside and change from the skin out. I was covered with dust and dried grass,but the yard looks 100 % better. Well, maybe not 100 %,but 75% anyway. It won't look 100% better until next year, at least. I fear this dought  has done it in for the rest of this year. Oh,well. Once again, as my Cajun Mother would say say...."C'est La Vie."