Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hens and Chicks

     It seems I write about hens and chicks a lot on my original blog, but these are the plant type.Their botanical name is Sempervivum tectorum.Most years I have great luck with them. They don't require much attention, but this year, with this horrible drought we're having, they have not done so well. I hope this El Nino, if that's what it is, is over soon.I had all of the heat I can take.Pop was upset today because I mowed the few weeds that continue to grow throughout the drought, and stopped up the breather or something of the sort, on our zero turn mower. I haven't mowed for several weeks, which is unheard of for me,but we got a small shower here lately, and I thought I'd just hit the high spots.I got carried away and mowed the entire yard in an hour and a half. I was moving on, and the dust was a flying,but I got it done.I had to come inside and change from the skin out. I was covered with dust and dried grass,but the yard looks 100 % better. Well, maybe not 100 %,but 75% anyway. It won't look 100% better until next year, at least. I fear this dought  has done it in for the rest of this year. Oh,well. Once again, as my Cajun Mother would say say...."C'est La Vie."

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