Thursday, September 15, 2011


One day this summer,when we visited the Amish Produce Auction, they had a cart of these lovely Hibiscus flowers. On the cart were two beautiful Red Hibiscus, which I did not have, so of course, I wanted one.In order to get the red ones though, I had to take the entire cart. There were six pink and two red Hibiscus on this particular cart.I liked the pink, but it was so similar some I already had,it was not my main interest at this time.My goal was to bid until I got the entire cart,no matter how much.Pop was agreeable to that, this one time.To my surprise, I got the bid at $2. per plant. Even the auctioneer knew that was a steal. He said he hated to see them go so cheap, but no one else was bidding against me, so I got the cart of 8 hibiscus.I kept four and gave the other four to my step daughter.Now that was a real deal.

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