Friday, September 16, 2011

Morning Glory

I,like Nancy, of A Rural Journal,planted these from a seed packet. I have morning glories galore, coming up from the soil everywhere, but they are the common weed type morning glory, that we spend so much time in the garden,chopping down. I suppose they would do as well if I put them in a good rich spot and poured the fertilizer to them, but the ones you buy in a packet are so big and beautiful, I simply could not resist purchasing a pack.I struggle ever since, to pull the enormous vines down before they go to seed. Just this year, I wrote a post on my main blog about thinking they surely must be a cousin to Kudzu.The blooms are large and brightly colored which is great. They make a beautiful display each year, but get rid of the vines as quickly as possible, before they go to seed. Either that, or be ready to pull,pull,pull, young seedlings in the spring. If not, they will engulf you entire home with vines.(a slight exaggeration,but close)You may be like me, and need to learn the hard way.

They would make a great privacy fence, if they have something to climb on.Now that's a thought.I may take the pile of vines,which I had planned to burn, to my property line and hope for the best.I'll bet the neighbor  will be spraying his fence row with Round Up,next season,unless the cows eat morning glories.I'll check to see if they are harmful to animals first. I know some plants are.


  1. You have done well this morning...lots of photos of your flowers!!

    Keep'em coming!!

    love you...V

  2. Sue - just beautiful! My neighbor has some growing against their barn. Maybe I should plant some on the fence?

  3. These are always the prettiest flower! Have a good week. blessings,Kathleen

  4. 2-2-12
    Just dropped back by to say hello. blessings,Kathleen